2017 has meant that all my babies are now attending school, so between juggling all my different jobs I now have 2 days free during the week (along with weekends still) where I can now offer Fresh 48 Sessions.



Generally they are lifestyle sessions that occur within 48 hours of giving birth. These can be held at either the hospital or at home, depending on where you are. Both are nice and both document life as it is in it’s real state at that time.

A lifestyle session is a type of photo session that essentially focuses on capturing your new family in it’s real and very raw state. It’s not intended to be posed, stiff or stuffy, rather it’s meant to be real. My job is to capture you all in your little bubble of love, being yourselves and celebrating this wonderful new addition into your lives in a beautifully real way.

These are not unlike an ordinary lifestyle session, but the focus is not just on family but the introduction of your new little person and the welcoming of new relationships with his/her parent and older sibling/s in those first few days of life earthside.

These sessions are not for everyone, we mums are not typically looking our usual selves at this time, but in my opinion the effects of birth on a women is the epitome of being a mum and what an amazing way to be captured. Celebrate the fact you just birthed your newborn and it is an incredible thing to behold.

So if you’re interested, these sessions cost $420 and go as long as 1.5 hours. A booking fee of $100 is applicable to book your session and the remaining can be paid off as long as it’s in full before your session. Albums also available.

Get in touch now if you’re interested by sending a message below.