Firstly, I guess you want to know what a session with me is going to be like so:


Well basically it starts out by you making contact and booking a session. It’s at this stage that I’ll invite you to meet for coffee to meet and have a chat about what your expectations are.

You’ll have already seen samples of my work from my website or Facebook page so you’ll have already fallen in love with the way I’m able to capture real connections and emotions in a relaxed and carefree way.

We’ll either settle on a location or concept straight away or go away and think about it a while to get it just right. You might already have something in mind and I’m cool with that, so I’ll then determine the best time based on best lighting conditions.

I’ll scout around in the mean time for the perfect location if we haven’t already figured this out, looking at places that have pretty light and hopefully not too difficult to access and that feels just right. You’re home is also an awesome location, as it is full of things that reflect your personality.

We’ll then meet at the agreed place, and generally take a few minutes to just chat, exchange what each has been up to, take a moment to interact with your kids (if it’s a family session) and your pets (yes I’ll encourage you to bring your furry family members too if you want) and after a little while we’ll get stuck into some formal like shots to get them out of the way first, as quickly as we can.

Then you can relax and then do what comes naturally with your loved ones……..connect and interact in your own unique and special way. I will not expect lovey dovey if you are not naturally lovey dovey. I will not force anything that isn’t naturally real for you.

Every session is different, and sometimes we’ll move around to various spots to get the right shot or sometimes very little at all. Sometimes I’ll suggest things, sometimes lay down, sometimes move around you, sometimes I’ll squeal a little in excitement at pretty light, sometimes I’ll look silly, sometimes I’ll act silly, sometimes make fart jokes if needed, sometimes I’ll ooohhh and ahhhh, and sometimes I’ll look like I’ve just done a work out, but mostly I’ll bet by the end of it all you’ll have had fun and found that it wasn’t nearly as stressful as you first may have thought.

After your session, I’ll post a couple of ‘sneak peek’ pics on my Facebook page (with your permission of course) and ask that you please tag yourselves to spread the love around. You’ll then receive your little bundle of goodies in around 6 weeks hand delivered to your door (If you’re not too far away).

You will have the option of purchasing additional products like albums but this is entirely up to you.


What ever you feel most comfortable in and reflects your personality best.

If you or your children want to wear something that’s special to them, then go right ahead. Costumes are cool!

Wear what makes you feel beautiful, light, confident and radiant and most of all like yourself.


Generally I do them because I love them! I especially love to photograph couples in lurrrrve, and because it’s a really good opportunity for you and I to get to know each other a bit better before your big day.

It also allows you the chance to get some lovely photo’s done that you can put on your walls, use for your ‘Save the Date’ cards, and put in an album.

You’ll get a sense of how I’ll work with you, and also it’s a really nice opportunity to get used to being in front of the camera in a really relaxing way before your wedding day.

I suggest you check out this link to see why a couples shoot is a fab idea…..!


The ceremony itself will be covered from as many angles as possible. I use two cameras, one with a wide angle lens to allow me to get those wider shots, and the other allows me to get up close and get those special moments like holding hands, rings, first kiss and any other special looks give each other.

Afterwards, I’ll get those shots of your guests congratulating and hugging you and then once the guests are mingling, I’ll ask the couple to spare me a few moments to get away and get the family shots whilst still at the location of your ceremony. Please help me out by appointing someone from each side of the family to be the ’rounder upperer’, this helps big time!

Following this we’ll whisk away and get to the formal bridal party shots at your chosen location(s). It’s so important to allow ample time for this to occur. Your shots will turn out so much nicer if we don’t have to rush. So I would suggest at least allowing 1.5 hours for this part of your day. It’s also important to decide on a wet weather alternative for these formal shots, together we can come up with some fabulous ideas.

The rest of the day and evening will be covered with candid photography. That means I follow the action I don’t direct it. I am there to document your wedding as it naturally unfolds.


My day starts when it fits in best with your chosen coverage.


I will take position as the bride arrives and take key shots of the brides entry, the grooms reaction and key points during the service.


The bridal party will be taken for the formal photos. These will be taken at previously agreed locations.


I will take close up shots of the rings, floral arrangements and other key styling shots that make your wedding unique.


I will be photographing key points throughout the reception dinner, speeches, cake cutting and your first dance.


If you’ve chosen a longer coverage, I will stay for a while to capture the party atmosphere, dances, and enjoyment as you celebrate into the evening.


All the best quality images (as determined by me) from your day on a gorgeous little USB, and beautifully packaged.

A password protected online gallery for you, your friends and family to view.

A fab album (if chosen as part of your collection).

And possibly some other cool little items….

Because I’m part time based only, my turn around can be up to 10 weeks.

My preferred programs for editing are Adobe Lightroom 5 and Adobe Photoshop CS6, and I like to keep it simple. I do not do excessive retouching or ‘photoshopping’. I like to keep it quite simple.

Some of the provided coloured images will be converted to black and white (this will be determined by me as per my artistic expression).

*At no time will I provide unedited RAW images, and all copyright privileges remain with Leeboo Photography unless specified in contract.