After contacting me, I’ll forward you all the relevant information you need to choose the right collection for you.

You’ll have the option to take advantage of a complimentary couples shoot. Generally I do these because I love them! I especially love to photograph couples in lurrrrve, and because it’s a really good opportunity for you and I to get to know each other a bit better before your big day.

It also allows you the chance to get some lovely photo’s done that you can put on your walls, use for your ‘Save the Date’ cards, and put in an album. (ASK me about personalised guest book albums to use on your wedding day, showcasing images from your couples shoot).

You’ll get a sense of how I’ll work with you, and also it’s a really nice opportunity to get used to being in front of the camera in a really relaxing way before your wedding day.

I suggest you check out this link to see why a couples shoot is a fab idea…..!

Essentially what you’re getting is my undivided attention for as long as you book me for on the day, a whole lot a really rad images demonstrating how uber cool your day was on a usb, an absolutely amazing album that I promise you’ll visit a whole lot more than your digital images (if chosen with your collection), and a bunch of cool other stuff.

I’m happy to answer all and any questions you have as often as needed; I’m happy to meet with you as often as you need and I really want you to invite me along to any rehearsals you might have also.



Your wedding is an intimate, personal story, full of real and raw emotions, smiles, laughs, tears and many special moments.

Telling your story from getting ready through to dancing and drinking with warm, fun and candid images is what I love best.

I’m a documentary-style wedding photographer, and with each wedding I endeavor to do the best to capture all the important parts of your wedding: the moments, the emotions, the space, the details, etc. But weddings are fast-paced events with a lot of moving parts, so I don’t want a lengthy list of ‘must get ‘ shots, nor do I want to copy a Pinterest board because these exhaustive shot lists will ensure that I as your photographer spends the whole day looking down at a piece of paper instead of doing the job you hired me for.

I will give you very little direction throughout the day, because my aim is to capture things as they naturally unfold. From time to time I might get you to pause because I see pretty light that makes me go ‘awww’ and makes you look ‘schwiiiiing’ but other than than that I’m a ninja with a camera and I like to photograph you as though I’m the fly on the wall, and you are you…….just being you. The only part of the day where I’ll give direction generally is during the formal bridal party and couple shots.


Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer


My aim is to create images that are a little more organic, and that look as though they are not mass produced. I aim to embrace grit and grain, and embrace mood over perfection, because in my mind capturing essence and mood is perfection. 

All of my packages include a complimentary couples shoot. These allow you and I an opportunity to get to know each other a little better prior to your wedding day.  I guarantee this will make you feel  more comfortable in front of the camera on your wedding day, the more comfortable you are the more attractive you look…..it’s true! And we can can have as many meetings, phone calls, and emails as you’d like. I want you to know exactly what to expect…so that you’re not expecting something that I won’t deliver.


Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer


I shoot with two amazing cameras…for those who are interested I’m a Nikon girl and a range of lenses, but I try not to change those too often so that i don’t miss things.

I don’t use a formal checklist to assist me to get must capture shots but I will ask you what your 5 -10 ‘must get’ shots are, and work out what your most important parts of the day are aim to achieve those shots before going home and then concentrate to capturing the event as it occurs.

I don’t promise a set amount of images that you’ll receive, because every wedding is completely different from the last, and because I’m having so much fun on the day I don’t keep track of how many images I take, after all it is an event in the future not something I will predict, but let me assure you, you’ll generally end up with hundreds of images!!

I photograph what inspires me, what is beautiful, what is happening and the reactions and emotions it invokes. If I miss something, it’s not because I’m not focussed, it might be because I’m focussed on something else or someone else. Each wedding inspires me differently and as it should they are all unique and special in their own way.

Have a look through my gallery or some of my posts to see samples of my work, or better still send me an email and we’ll arrange a meet and greet. The coffee’s on me!

Jodie xx

Coffs Harbour Wedding Photographer