Please don’t come to me expecting stiff look at me type of photos as my style is to photograph you and your loved ones in a way that captures you in your most real state. 

I will not ask you to look at the camera whilst sitting stiffly trying on your best smile!

I will prompt you a little so that you’re not left sitting awkwardly not knowing what to do, but mostly it’s me with my camera capturing you as you naturally are, as you naturally behave, nothing forced and all real, candidly and carefree with your loved ones.

I don’t use props, apart from maybe a nice blanket, as I prefer the nature of your relationships and connections to be the thing that’s noticeable in your photographs rather than things unless they tie in to tell a story.

I will shoot anyone…..literally!! Anyone who is willing to leave behind all expectations of what they think photography should be or should look like. We photographers are all unique and all have developed our own individual styles.

If you like the idea of not having to look awkwardly at a camera then lets hook up, because frankly I hate looking at a camera too!

See some samples of my work below: